July 2018

Uprising Luxury

RESIDENTIAL SPACE  represent a field of great opportunity  to interpret a new attitude in design and even more so,  the places of luxury need to be thought again through the breaking  of new languages and new technologies.

UPRISING LUXURY is a new interior project on development for a LOFT HOUSE in Serbia which extend its surface on approx. 300 sqm.

The new linguistic design signify a horizon of solutions hybrid spaces, a combination of formal ideas and materials, without a precise location, an exercise of sophisticated combinations to connect both aesthetic and functional elements, both futuristic and memory,  both artistic and industrial, to determine a dynamic  language, intriguing, suspended and constantly evolving.

the perfect project night 20th april.jpg

The Appointment

Short Movie Premiere

During the Milan Design Week 2018, in the Lotf space of NOHW Hotel, it will be projected the premiere of the short film THE APPOINTMENT, shot in SHOW LAB of Contract G Swiss in Lugano.

The FILM will be presented for a selected public, and will have as its subject the PERFECT PROJECT collection and the magic of the exhibit environment.

The story tells of a magical meeting in a place of transformation, set of Perfect Project exhibition

The story and the screenplay are by Maurizio Favetta, directed by Ilvio Gallo.

20 April 2018

mdw 2018 Nhow Hotel

CONTRACT G SWISS presented an event during MILANO DESIGN WEEK, 2018.

CONTRACT G SWISS presents the PERFECT PROJECT collection, and its linguistic MANIFESTO at the LOFT SPACE of the NOHW Hotel in via Tortona, adopting the term of TRANSURFING to define a horizon of hybrid furniture solutions, a combination of formal ideas and materials without a precise location, an exercise of sophisticated ASSEMBLAGE (put together, unite) to connect both aesthetic and functional elements, both futuristic and memorial, both artistic and industrial, to determine a dynamic, intriguing, suspended and constantly evolving language.

On show some new realizations part of the collection designed by Maurizio Favetta, and the presentation of the new Digital Catalog.

invito aziende 2.jpg
Invito HOAA 2.jpg

MDW 2018 16-22 April

exibit at HOOA

During the Milan Design Week 2018 the HOAA International Exhibition Center, located in the heart of the Bovisa area, celebrates the oriental philosophy of living through the exhibition 宅 Living Philosophy which will present as the first exhibition "Top 50 Mansion Design Projects", a collective exhibition of projects by the best 30 Chinese designers and a selection of works by Zaha Hadid .Architect

Contract G Swiss presents the product line and the design philosophy PERFECT PROJECT in the exhibition space set up in the HOAA spaces, and will be the protagonist of a dedicated event on April 19, 2018.


17-22 April

Technological innovation and international development are at the base of the success of Elam.

The kitchen brand that belongs to Tisettanta, in 2017 grew by 15%.

To support growth, on the one hand innovation with best-sellers renewed in materials; on the other hand, engineering research has led the company to ally itself with CONTRACT G SWISS by developing the PERFECT PROJECT collection and the E1o model designed by Maurizio Favetta for luxury contract.

The "COCKTAIL BAR KITCHEN" modular kitchen project was presented on the ELAM stand during Eurocucina 2018.


20 February

Opening showroom

The first batch of the so-called SHOWLAB is inaugurated within the Contract G Swiss headquarter; not only a showroom but a laboratory for the experimentation on products design and technologies.

It is an organic space of 600 square meters, that includes an initial area of ​​about 200 square meters Hospitality with Reception area, the Hotel Lobby, the Luxury Retail Area and the cocktail bar are set up through the collection of furniture and materials. PERFECT PROJECT build a collaboration with a selected group industrial and artisanal companies (made in ITALY).

The artistic direction of PERFECT PROJECT is by Maurizio Favetta, the founder of Kingsize Architects.

This place will be a theater of events on architecture, design, cinema, literature, art, technology and thematic exhibitions organized by partners.

PERFECT PROJECT partner companies:

FE'S - Coevo Studio - CTC Design - Cantu 'Ottone - Bosca venezia - Zanuso wood - Orsonio - La Murrina - Radaelli - Elam - Marazzi Group - TID - Kerakoll Design - Vibrosound - Ethos - Aquaspecial